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Conspiracy Chocolate - CRIMINAL

So good it should be criminal.. A desire to do better than the globally-loved Nutella, a need to prove that delicious can be made of 4 ingredients and nothing else. This bar is shaped like a large shareable bonbon - a social bar that’s meant to be cut into slices and shared. Dressed to impress, the Criminal is a statement on a cheese board and a strong end to a meal between friends. Or maybe served with coffee, or a cocktail.. A fine coat of our signature 75% single-origin chocolate with a rich hazelnut ganache and whole hazelnuts because the texture is everything. The melting in the mouth and the crunch of the hazelnuts will leave you wanting more…

Ingredients: Cacao beans, hazelnuts, organic raw cane sugar, salt
Weight: 70g

Storage suggestion
Store in a cool dry place away from the light. The ideal temperature is 12-20 degrees. If some spots or a white film appear on the bar, it is not mould, it is simply the cacao butter that comes at the surface of the bar due to changes in temperature and/or humidity. It is still perfectly delicious to eat.