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Wit the upcoming closure of our store on March 10, it's time to bid farewell to our beloved baby cakes. As a number of long-time supporters have expressed how they would miss their favorite flavors, we are now doing a flash sale on a different best-selling flavor every 3 day till the last day of our retail operation.

Flash Sale Details:

Baby Banoffee Cake
*Place order from Feb 27 (11am) to Feb 29 (2pm)
**Pick up / delivery from Feb 28 to Mar 10.

Baby Strawberry Lemonade Cake
*Place order from Feb 28 (2pm) to Mar 2 (2pm)
**Pick up / delivery from Mar 1 to Mar 10.

Baby Carrot Walnut Cake
*Place order from Mar 2 (2pm) to Mar 5 (2pm)
**Pick up / delivery from Mar 4 to Mar 10.

Baby S’mores Cake
*Place order from Mar 5 (2pm) to Mar 8 (2pm)
**Pick up / delivery from Mar 7 to Mar 10.
Flash Sale

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