[Early Bird Offer] Mid-Autumn Macarons Gift Box (24 pc)

Early Bird Offer till 14 August, 2022

Our top-selling Mid-Autumn Macaron Gift Set -- Jouer's signature octagonal bamboo box housing 24 delicate bite-sized pieces of Chinese mooncakes X French macarons hybrid.

Macarons inspired by traditional mooncake flavors (24 pcs):

  • White Lotus 蛋黃白蓮蓉 (contains salty egg yolk) x 4

  • Custard 奶皇 (contains salty egg yolk) x 4

  • Mung Bean 豆蓉 (contains salty egg yolk) x 4

  • ‘Wu-ren’ Nuts 五仁 (contains alcohol and nuts) x 4

  • Taro Jam 芋泥 x 4

  • Date Jam 棗泥 x 4

Our earliest pick-up date would be 20 August, 2022, until 10 September, 2022.

For Corporate Orders: You can create a bespoke gift set that truly stands for your brand. Learn more about making your own branded gift set here.

Kindly note: We don't add any preservatives so please keep the set refrigerated. Best enjoyed within 5 days. 

We lovingly handcraft each of your orders, so please give us at least 5 business days' notice. Orders placed after 2pm will need an extra day.