CNY Prosperity Feast 2022 (6-8 pax.)

Most legit time of the year to binge with your family. We bring back to you our Poon Choi Feast this year for your CNY Reunion Dinner 團年飯, perfect for 6-8 people. 

The set includes:

  • CNY Starters Quartet 涼拌四小碟
    • Aged Vinegar Beetroot Pickles 陳醋紅菜頭
    • Shandong Style Shredded Chicken Zucchini Noodles 山東手撕雞意瓜麵
    • Lotus Root Chips with Fu-Yue Aioli 腐乳蓮藕片
    • Pork Belly and Baby Leek Rolls with Black Garlic Aioli 黑蒜泥白肉卷
  • Jouer Signature Poon Choi 海皇湯盤菜
  • Bone Marrow Nuo Mi Faan - Small 牛骨髓糯米飯 - 小  OR 
    Drunken Chicken Foie Gras Claypot Rice 醉雞鵝肝煲仔飯 (+$138)
  • Mongolian Spiced Roasted Lamb Rack 蒙古烤羊架  OR 
    Suckling Pig with Wa Mui Rhubarb Chutney 話梅大黃燒乳豬 (+$588)
  • Sauteed Crispy Chinese Kale with Ginger 薑汁炒芥蘭
  • Jouer Signature CNY Macarons - 12 pcs 賀年馬卡龍 


  • Black Garlic CNY Pudding 虎進金來 (+$238) 
  • Black Garlic Vegan Turnip Cake 甘之若素 (+$238)
  • Black Garlic Classic Turnip Cake 錦繡蘿衣 (+$238)
  • Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin (+$500)
  • Porcelain Mandarin Edition Gin (+$500)

If you require personalization catering service, please fill in the form for further inquiry.


*Kindly note:  
We lovingly handcraft each of your orders, so please give us a 5 days' notice. Orders placed after 2pm will need an extra day. Product images may differ from the actual product as each product is handmade to order. Please view shipping details & options when checking out.

**The set will be available for delivery only from 17 January onwards. Due to increasing demand, we will make an exception to provide delivery for the CNY Prosperity Feast and its a la Carte items on Jan 30 as well. For Jan 30 CNY Feast delivery, please choose the store pick up option upon checkout and reach us to update the delivery address.

***The last day of delivery before CNY is 31st January. Kindly note that there is no delivery service during CNY period: Feb 1st - 4th (年初一至年初四). We will resume delivery on Feb 5th - 9th, but orders need to be placed BEFORE Jan 31st.

***The CNY Feast is delivery only, delivery fee is included in the price. No store pick up is available.

****A reheating guide will be included in the set. Please follow the instructions to heat up the dishes. 

Please enjoy the macarons within 3-5 days.