[Pride Month Special] Rainbow Cake

Please order at least 2 days in advance.

To celebrate Pride Month, we've created our first ever Rainbow Cake featuring the 6 colors of the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag -- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo and Violet. Between the multi-colored sponge cake layers is mascarpone frosting of our new flavor inspired by the vintage cocktail Bee's Knees. This concoction is made with gin, lemon juice and honey. 

Like what the term "Bee's Knees" connotes ('height of excellence'), this new member of our Layered Cake family celebrates the freedom of expression and pride in individual choices.

*This product contains alcohol. 

  • Baby Size (D: 9cm; H: 10cm): 2-3 pax
  • Small Size (D: 12cm; H: 12cm): 4-6 pax
  • Large Size (D: 15cm; H: 13cm): 7-10 pax

Please note that we do not provide chocolate plaque messages on the cakes.

You may also choose and purchase Toppers & Greeting Cards for your order.

Kindly note:

We lovingly handcraft each of your orders, please be reminded that the delivery date should be aligned with the product lead time. Orders placed after 2 pm will need an extra day.