"The Twelve Days of Christmas" Treasure Chest (Early Bird Price till Dec 10th)

Inspired by the endeared Christmas Carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas", we have designed a multi-faceted gold-rimmed glass chest to house our 12 gifts of delicacies for you. Each facet of the box is printed with a hand-drawn pattern representing each day of the Christmas Twelvetide:

1st Day of Christmas -- A Partridge in a Pear Tree
We give you a plush Pear and Pigeon Pot Pie. Don't forget to heat it up in the oven and serve piping hot!
2nd Day of Christmas -- Two Turtle Doves
We have here 2 glass tubes of our hand-blended Christmas Tea, concocted with Rooibos loose tea leaves and exotic winter spices. 

3rd Day of Christmas -- Three French Hens
4th Day of Christmas -- Four Calling Birds
We give you 3 Mini Mince Pies and 4 Mini Caneles as the perfect afternoon nibbles.

5th Day of Christmas -- Five Gold Rings
We created your edible jewelry in the form of 5 Chocolate-Dipped Dried Pineapple and Grapefruit Rings.

6th Day of Christmas -- Six Geese A-Laying
We utilize the remaining scraps and crumbs of our most popular Layered Cakes and reshape them into 6 bite-sized Cake Truffles:
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake Truffle coated with Chocolate Caramel, Almond Feuilletine and Cinnamon Sugar x 2
  • Red Velvet Cake Truffle coated with White Chocolate, Crushed Pistachios and Red Sand Sugar x 2
  • Salted Chocolate Cake Truffle coated with Dark Chocolate, Pop Rocks and Oreo Crumbs x 2
7th Day of Christmas -- Seven Swans A-Swimming
We give you 7 Mini Financiers with White Chocolate Swan garnish.

8th Day of Christmas -- Eight Maids A-Milking
A pack of 8 fluffy Milk & Honey Madeleines to go with your holiday morning coffee.

9th Day of Christmas -- Nine Ladies Dancing
We have a "Berrylicious" medley of Freeze-dried Red Fruits, Mixed Nuts and Granola in a petite jar (50g) representing the festive cavort!

10th Day of Christmas -- Ten Lords A-Leaping
Another delightful blend of "Chocolate Spice Granola" with dark cocoa, chocolate pearls and sweet spices in a petite jar (50g) to mimic the dandy noblemen's gallopade!
    11th Day of Christmas -- Eleven Pipers Piping
    11 long Christmas Batons in the form of Salted Caramel Pasta Sticks sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar as a jolly party snack.

    12th Day of Christmas -- Twelve Drummers Drumming
    Our signature Mini Macarons filled with luscious Christmas flavors pulsating into a jubilant symphony!

    For corporate order:  Enjoy 10% off for purchasing 10 sets or above.

    Kindly note: We lovingly handcraft each of your orders, so please give us at least a 5-day notice. Orders placed after 2 pm will need an extra day. Product images may differ from the actual product as each product is handmade to order.