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Conspiracy Chocolate - Porcini Mushroom

Conspiracy Chocolate - Porcini Mushroom

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Who said chocolate could not be savoury?

Mushrooms and chocolate are indeed a unique combination, one you will typically find in the boldest of modern cuisine's kitchens.

Dak Lak's terroir's fruity and earthy notes pair incredibly with autumn mushrooms like porcini, only enhanced by the rich umami combination of the two. This ultimately savoury bar brings the experience of chocolate to another level, showcasing the broadness of chocolate as a culinary canvas.

Cacao %: 75%
Texture: Smooth
Stone ground: 48-60 hours
Aged: 1 month
Weight: 50g

Storage suggestion
Store in a cool dry place away from the light. The ideal temperature is 12-20 degrees. If some spots or a white film appear on the bar, it is not mould, it is simply the cacao butter that comes at the surface of the bar due to changes in temperature and/or humidity. It is still perfectly delicious to eat.

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