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Conspiracy Chocolate - Mahjong Tea Pralines

Conspiracy Chocolate - Mahjong Tea Pralines

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Conspiracy Chocolate brings back its popular Mahjong Tea Pralines right on time for the Lunar New Year!

Inspired by the rare winning hand Thirteen Orphans, this limited edition of tea-infused praline chocolates of Mahjong tiles will make your Chinese New Year celebration even more memorable.
Every ingredient has been diligently selected to create one of Conspiracy’s most exciting holiday specials.

The seven different teas have been carefully harvested and processed by craft tea growers in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Australia:

  • Jasmine Pearl
  • French Earl Grey
  • Osmanthus Taiwanese Oolong
  • Four Season Oolong
  • Chenpi Pu’er
  • Lapsang Souchong 
  • Premium Japanese Matcha

While traditional pralines are made with dairy cream, Conspiracy’s chefs have been studying chemistry and inventing a proprietary recipe of vegan tea ganaches that will not make you miss the traditional approach.

Storage Suggestions:

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Ideal temperature is 12-20 degrees. If some spots or a white film appear on the bar, it is not mould. It is simply cacao butter coming to the surface of the bar due to changes in temperature and/or humidity. It is still perfectly delicious to eat.

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